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Valeria Gambi

Valeria Gambi

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I am a qualified tourist guide of the Abruzzo region since 2007, after attending a vocational training course for tourists, but interest and love for my country of origin have been accompanying me since I was a child thanks to Sunday's outdoors trips organized by my family. During my university studies, I deepened my knowledge of Abruzzo's art by carrying out reserches on the 13th century sculpture in the Marsica area , on the wooden sculptures of Abruzzo and on some L'Aquila's sites affected by the earthquake of 2009; I exposed the results of my research into articles and workshops. I also attended vocational training courses on tutoring, promotion and safeguarding of cultural heritage, as well as on cultural heritage management and museum teaching, and in 2012 I founded together with two colleagues the DADAbruzzo cultural association based in Pescara. The association operates in the field of regional teaching and tourism. In the summer of 2013 I managed the Tourist Home Center of Sant'Eufemia at Maiella and in April 2014 I got a Ph.D. in Art History from Chieti University with a study on ' Celestine Order.


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