Abruzzolink: guided tours with locals
Are you a tourist or an explorer? What's your dream as a traveler?

Rugged mountains and sandy beaches, bear tracks and sudden appearances of the chamois, the ancient villages and castles perched on the cliffs, the hermitages, the tracks of transhumance, the Trabocchi, the solemn forests of beech and the purest source, the flowering of Epipactis purpurea, one of the rarest wild orchids of Italy.

These are just some of the wonders that Abruzzo offers. Things to do are endless when you come to Abruzzo!

And what's better than having an Abruzzese who really knows the area and is willing to guide you throughout the wonders of Abruzzo?

Abruzzolink puts you in direct contact with your ideal local expert. Professional guides  provide unique experiences that will allow you to enter into direct contact with Abruzzo.

Thanks to our expert guides you will see wonderful places, come in direct contact with the local culture, becoming an active part of it.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring Abruzzo with Abruzzolink: your bridge to Abruzzo.

Why should I choose Abruzzolink?

We have the largest collection of experiences that you can find in Abruzzo and book directly online
  • Whatever you want to do and see in Abruzzo  you’ll find it here.
  • We only support professional guides who knows the Abruzzo deeply and can really offer to you the experience you are searching for.
  • A lot of our guides offers both "exclusive experience" that you can enjoy alone or with your closest friends and "shared experience" that will give you the possibility to meet other travelers like you.
  • We list only tours offered by professional guides so that you’re safe and sound while you’re out having fun.

The company

From its founding in 2001 Abruzzo.com srl had explored  e-commerce using it to help the local economy. We gave to local producers the possibility to offer their goods worldwide on the internet. Our saying has always been: global technology for local development.

Since 1995, when  the world wide web was just born, we had the idea for Abruzzolink. Then it was too early, but now thanks to the evolution of social media we can offer the service we had in mind.

Our team is composed by ICT experts who are really passionate about travelling and that really know and love Abruzzo. Furthermore  thanks to the professional local guides who are endorsing the Abruzzolink project we can offer the best trip service you can ever find.

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