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Paola Di Martino

Paola Di Martino

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About me:

Among my main interest has always been to explore the territory and to tell my friends and classmates who did not know them. Even as a little girl was born in me a passion for emergencies and for the immense historical and archaeological heritage of my natural region: Abruzzo.

I am an Environmental Guide and a guide enrolled in the Provisional tourist guides in the Abruzzo region. Working for several years with Majambiente, travel services company which operates mainly in the north-western part of the Majella National Park, dealing, as well as nature tours, including cultural ones. One of my greatest passions are local traditions, which characterize the rites and festivals of the people of Abruzzo and then I love to tell, as well as the architectural aspects of a packet, and artistic nature of a place, especially one that is for the local population. The popular sentiment in my opinion is a great key to understanding the region and understand its history.

As part of the various activities carried out by Majambiente, who is also a Center for Environmental Education of regional interest, I also deal with the preparation of educational days and workshops for schools of all levels, convinced that respect for the territory in First, and for the planet Earth in general, steps to the knowledge of what the area has accounted for the men of the past and the natural laws that govern everything that surrounds us.

Area of ​​expertise: north-western area of ​​the Majella National Park


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